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Largest places in Montenegro

The largest cities and places in Montenegro at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Montenegro.

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Largest places in Montenegro
Podgorica Podgorica1.Podgorica Podgorica136,473
Niksic Nikšić2.Opstina Niksic Opština Nikšić58,212
Herceg-Novi Herceg-Novi3.Herceg Novi Herceg Novi19,536
Pljevlja Pljevlja4.Pljevlja Pljevlja19,489
Budva Budva5.Budva Budva18,000
Bar Bar6.Bar Bar17,727
Bijelo Polje Bijelo Polje7.Bijelo Polje Bijelo Polje15,400
Cetinje Cetinje8.Cetinje Cetinje15,137
Berane Berane9.Berane Berane11,073
Ulcinj Ulcinj10.Ulcinj Ulcinj10,828
Rozaje Rožaje11.Opstina Rozaje Opština Rožaje9,121
Tivat Tivat12.Tivat Tivat6,280
Dobrota Dobrota13. 5,435
Kotor Kotor14.Kotor Kotor5,345
Danilovgrad Danilovgrad15.Danilovgrad Danilovgrad5,208
Mojkovac Mojkovac16.Mojkovac Mojkovac4,120
Tuzi Tuzi17. 3,789
Igalo Igalo18. 3,754
Plav Plav19.Opstina Plav Opština Plav3,615
Kolasin Kolašin20.Opstina Kolasin Opština Kolašin2,989
Susanj Šušanj21.Bar Bar2,521
Bijela Bijela22. 2,395
Risan Risan23.Kotor Kotor2,083
Zabljak Žabljak24.Opstina Zabljak Opština Žabljak1,937
Sutomore Sutomore25.Bar Bar1,827
Stari Bar Stari Bar26. 1,514
Pluzine Plužine27.Opstina Pluzine Opština Plužine1,494
Petrovac na Moru Petrovac na Moru28. 1,485
Prcanj Prčanj29. 1,244
Spuz Spuž30. 1,241
Mojanovici Mojanovići31. 1,203
Lipci Lipci32. 1,200
Mataguzi Mataguži33. 1,132
Andrijevica Andrijevica34.Andrijevica Andrijevica1,073
Sula Šula35. 995
Prnjavor Prnjavor36. 965
Kuta Kuta37. 950
Vranj Vranj38. 903
Becici Bečići39. 850
Mrcevac Mrčevac40. 797
Denovici Ðenovići41. 772
Bijelo Polje Bijelo Polje42. 765
Donja Lastva Donja Lastva43. 674
Muo Muo44. 645
Milocani Miločani45. 645
Savnik Šavnik46.Opstina Savnik Opština Šavnik633
Baosici Baošići47. 603
Ducice Dučice48. 589
Curilac Ćurilac49. 571
Botun Botun50. 559

1 - 50 of 182 places
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